England & Wales

How Do I Get My Personal Licence - England & Wales


England & Wales Applications for a personal licence in England & Wales are normally made to the Licensing Authority where the applicant resides. To apply for a personal licence an applicant must submit:

  • A completed application form
  • 2 photos, appropriately endorsed
  • Disclosure of Convictions (DBS) certificate
  • Disclosure of convictions and declaration form
  • The appropriate fee
  • A certificate of a relevant licensing qualification (such as the BIIAB APLH, or if awarded before April 2011, the NCPLH)

For applicants that choose not to make their own application, Inn Confidence provides an application service for personal licences that involves us liaising with the applicant and the Licensing Authority throughout the process, securing the CRB/DBS certificate and completing and submitting all forms of application. Please click 'here' for more information.


Premises Licence

  • A Premises Licence is required for any place where licensable activities occur. Such activities include
  • The Retail Sale of Alcohol (for which a personal licence is also required)
  • The provision of Regulated Entertainment
  • The provision of Late Night Refreshment.

An application for a Premises Licence is made to the appropriate Licensing Authority. This process involves the completion of an application form, the creation and submission of an effective Operating Schedule and scale plans. Notice of the application must also be posted in the local press and on the premises.

Inn Confidence provides a fixed-fee application service for those seeking the grant, variation or transfer of a premises licence, as well as for a range of other licensing applications.

Please contact us for further information.