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1. An application for a personal licence must be made to the relevant:


2. It is an offence to serve alcohol to a person who is:


3. On what grounds can Magistrates make a Closure Order for specified licensed premises?


4. How many temporary event notices can relate to the same location in a calendar year?


5. Which one of these is the most reliable document for proof of age?


6. Which one of these is a licensing objective?


7. How many temporary event notices can a personal licence holder give in a calendar year?


8. If illegal drug activity is allowed on licensed premises, the premises licence could be:


9. A personal licence holder must produce their licence for inspection when requested by:


10. A personal licence may not be granted if the applicant:


11. A drink is classed as alcohol if its abv is more than:


12. A relevant offence is :


13. The maximum penalty for the offence of unauthorised licensable activities is:


14. What is the minimum age at which a person can legally be sold alcohol on licensed premises?


15. A premises licence authorises the use of specific premises for:


16. For how long is a personal licence granted?


17. What is the maximum percentage of alcohol a drink can contain to be classed as low-alcohol?


18. What change of details must a personal licence holder report to the licensing authority?


19. The time it takes for one unit of alcohol to be removed from the body is about:


20. A personal licence entitles the holder to:


21. When can the sale of alcohol on or from a motor vehicle be allowed?


22. When can someone aged under 18 purchase alcohol in licensed premises without committing an offence?


23. If a personal licence holder is charged with a relevant offence, they must:


24. Which alcoholic drinks may a 16 year old, accompanied by an adult, consume at a table meal on licensed premises?


25. The role of the designated premises supervisor on licensed premises is to:


26. The supply of hot drinks or hot food to the public is classed as Late Night Refreshment if it occurs between the hours of:


27. A senior police officer can issue a Closure Notice to specific licensed premises if:


28. The purpose of a Statement of Licensing Policy is to show how:


29. Community Safety Partnerships have been set up to:


30. What is the purpose of reviewing a premises licence?


31. Each licensing authority across England & Wales is responsible for appointing a licensing committee consisting of:


32. An unauthorised licensable activity is:


33. What is the importance of the licensing objectives?


34. What unit of measurement will indicate how much alcohol is contained in a drink?


35. What could happen if a personal licence holder is convicted of driving with excess alcohol in their body?


36. Which one of these may be classed as regulated entertainment?


37. In a licensed restaurant, when must a child under the age of 16 be accompanied by an adult?


38. Which of these would not be classed as an irresponsible drinks promotion?


39. Which one of these is a mandatory condition attached to a premises licence which authorises the retail sale of alcohol?


40. Under the Licensing Act 2003, which one of these is a licensable activity?


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