Personal Licence Course Options

Personal Licence Course Options

BIIAB APLH – 1 Day Course

Licensing Law in England & Wales states that anyone who authorises the retail sale of alcohol must hold a personal licence. Those who wish to obtain a personal licence need to apply to their local authority. Applicants for a personal licence must first obtain a government approved licensing qualification such as the BIIAB Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH).

Inn Confidence provides classes for the BIIAB APLH throughout England & Wales. Each class lasts one-day (typically from 9.00am to 5.00pm), involves a thorough training session and is followed by the 40-minute multiple-choice exam.

1 Day courses are priced at £135+vat

* Handbook and Joining Confirmation
* Full Day Course
* Exam Fees
* BIIAB APLH Certificate

BIIAB APLH (Fast Tracked 2-3 hrs)

This is ideal for anyone who cannot dedicate a full day and those in a hurry for their exam result (instant result) and certificate FAST TRACKED (around 3-5 days) The result will be known instantly and a (free) re-sit is also included if required. Handbook, practice exam papers and full confirmation is sent once we have received your booking. Please note – the exam will be conducted online and the result will be instant, this is not a paper based exam with results known in 2-3 days.


  •   Revision Book
  •   Mock Exam Papers
  •   Times/Dates/Location to suit
  •   Maximum of Just 4 People Per Session
  •   Online Exam with Instant Result – No 3 day wait for result
  •   Free Immediate Re-sit (if needed)
  •   Certificate Fast Tracked (printed next day)
  •   Add extra candidates to the session for Just £75+vat