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1. When can someone aged under 18 purchase alcohol in licensed premises without committing an offence?


2. A relevant offence is :


3. Which one of these may be classed as regulated entertainment?


4. For how long is a personal licence granted?


5. When can the sale of alcohol on or from a motor vehicle be allowed?


6. A premises licence authorises the use of specific premises for:


7. What change of details must a personal licence holder report to the licensing authority?


8. The supply of hot drinks or hot food to the public is classed as Late Night Refreshment if it occurs between the hours of:


9. The time it takes for one unit of alcohol to be removed from the body is about:


10. A personal licence may not be granted if the applicant:


11. If a personal licence holder is charged with a relevant offence, they must:


12. What is the importance of the licensing objectives?


13. Under the Licensing Act 2003, which one of these is a licensable activity?


14. How many temporary event notices can relate to the same location in a calendar year?


15. On what grounds can Magistrates make a Closure Order for specified licensed premises?


16. What is the maximum percentage of alcohol a drink can contain to be classed as low-alcohol?


17. A personal licence entitles the holder to:


18. A drink is classed as alcohol if its abv is more than:


19. Each licensing authority across England & Wales is responsible for appointing a licensing committee consisting of:


20. In a licensed restaurant, when must a child under the age of 16 be accompanied by an adult?


21. A senior police officer can issue a Closure Notice to specific licensed premises if:


22. The role of the designated premises supervisor on licensed premises is to:


23. What unit of measurement will indicate how much alcohol is contained in a drink?


24. An application for a personal licence must be made to the relevant:


25. How many temporary event notices can a personal licence holder give in a calendar year?


26. The purpose of a Statement of Licensing Policy is to show how:


27. What could happen if a personal licence holder is convicted of driving with excess alcohol in their body?


28. It is an offence to serve alcohol to a person who is:


29. Which one of these is a mandatory condition attached to a premises licence which authorises the retail sale of alcohol?


30. An unauthorised licensable activity is:


31. If illegal drug activity is allowed on licensed premises, the premises licence could be:


32. Community Safety Partnerships have been set up to:


33. What is the minimum age at which a person can legally be sold alcohol on licensed premises?


34. A personal licence holder must produce their licence for inspection when requested by:


35. Which one of these is a licensing objective?


36. Which alcoholic drinks may a 16 year old, accompanied by an adult, consume at a table meal on licensed premises?


37. Which one of these is the most reliable document for proof of age?


38. What is the purpose of reviewing a premises licence?


39. The maximum penalty for the offence of unauthorised licensable activities is:


40. Which of these would not be classed as an irresponsible drinks promotion?


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