Number of UK breweries reaches over 2,000 – thanks to craft beers

craft beers

The more aged pub-goer may condemn the craft beer takeover that has crept upon us and aided the pop up of thousands of gastro-pubs across the country.

However, it’s these specialist offers of gluten-free beer and ale made from leftover bread that have allowed a recent boom of smaller breweries, with the number of UK breweries now standing at over 2,000, the Guardian reported earlier this week.

Sales of craft beer in both pubs and supermarkets have led to those interested in home brewing to take the reins and create their own microbreweries.

A report by accountancy firm UHY Hacker Young revealed that in 2016 the number of UK-based breweries had risen to 1,994, with more than 300 breweries launched.

The report also says that this year, for the first time since the 1930s, the number of UK breweries has risen above 2,000.

Why sell craft beers?

The craft beer craze is one that has helped keep pubs, restaurants and bars up-to-date and full of a younger drinking generation.

For those with an alcohol licence, bringing in a younger generation should be a main priority in terms of marketing.

Younger consumers often look towards the origins of products as to whether they will make the purchase. By selling craft beers, you’re giving customers an example of your establishment’s values of local, intelligently sourced, quality ale.

Not only do craft beers bring your company values to the front of the bar, but they’re continuing to help breweries prosper too.

UHY Hacker Young partner, James Simmonds, said: “The craft beer boom has reversed around 70 years of consolidation in the brewing industry and there is plenty of growth still to come,”

Mr Simmonds added: “Craft beer is leading the way in the surging popularity of artisan products and has pushed aside other brands in high street bars. Many are now firmly established household names.”

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