A Possible Under Armour Curry 3.5 Sample

This image is blurry as f*** and could be of a fake sneaker. According to a reliable Under Armour source, this is what the Curry 3.5 will look like. There has, of course, been no official confirmation and again, take this image with a grain of salt — it may only show us what the Curry 3.5 could look like.

People often ask why we post these images; we post them to instill the above warning. Once these hit socials and get reposted people just take it as fact that these are what’s coming in a couple months when that may not be the case.

The tooling looks similar, but the heel is different, perhaps to lighten up the sneaker but still retain its support features? The upper and tongue also look much more perforated. But who knows right now? Let us know what you think in the comments, and reserve harsher judgment for when we have more concrete information.

under armour curry 3.5 1


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  1. the first leaked pics are always awful colorways that make the shoe look bad. Im sure itll look better with a different color scheme

  2. I’m more leaning towards this being a lower end Curry model rather than the Curry 3.5. While I think there is the possibility of this being UA’s equivalent to the Jordan Brand ‘PO’ models where they use lighter and more breathable materials for the playoffs, I just find it weird that they changed the heel counter, removed the carbon fiber and made the upper a very normal mesh material (when we know they have a knit material available to them). This shoe seems like a downgrade from the Curry 3, so I doubt it is the Curry 3.5

  3. Looks to have removed Threadborne and replaced it with textile and foam. The heel has an integrated ankle brace tied into the top eyelets. Looks like a solid performance model for guards.

  4. (assuming if legit)

    The connection of the collar halves isn’t clear to me.The separation implies that it could be dynamic but I don’t see how the laces could effectively influence tension with them just running though regular eyelets. So from there I’d be wondering what’s the point of having that overlap. It just makes the inner profile of the collar less consistent, which can attribute to chafing and/or pinching for some people. So yeah, curious to find out what’s really going on.

    The dull aesthetic usually is a sign of a fake, but then again this is UA and they indulge in some of the ugliest things.

  5. YES! No shoutouts to the pretentious and obnoxious d*** of a source. I’ll stop here I could say more but I’ll leave at that 🙂

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