What Could be the Curry 3.5 Has Been Spotted On-Foot

Last week we saw what could be a Curry 3.5 sample. Now, an IG user with tons of upcoming and rumored Under Armour product has posted what could be the Curry 3.5.

The shoe in this image ditches the thick heel cup for a sleeker and more lightweight system that incorporates a strap. The tongue is also equipped with open mesh for added ventilation. There is no official word yet on whether the upper’s material has been altered.

What do you think about this sneaker so far? If this is the Curry 3.5, is it a worthy successor in your eyes? I will reserve judgment until we get official tech specs.

under armour curry 3.5 1

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  1. Looks a bit better. But I wonder if it still has Anafoam. Would be unfortunate if they dropped that since its so nice.

  2. I just don’t get how these could be the 3.5s if the materials look more cheap and theres no carbon fiber. Seems like a downgrade to me

  3. I wonder if they’d give Curry an official UA take down model like Lebron with his Ambassador, Soldier, etc or Kobe with the Instinct, Mentality, and others. It would seem a little redundant maybe if they looked just like the other UA models but if they resembled the sig but with certain things changed like materials then it might work.

  4. I’m less skeptical of that brace now that I see the base upper continues along the heel. UA is a lost cause with looks but dropping those gimmick “wings” and possibly incorporating an effectively-dynamic brace is a significant net upgrade imo. Still, not sure if this is legit.

  5. Man, I’m pretty disappointed in these no lie. I mean, ever since the Curry Ones and Twos, the rest have been pretty bad atheistically. I mean, the Curry Three’s aren’t bad, especially with brighter colorways, but it’s been pretty disappointing to say the least. The “Curry 3.5’s” seem very very cheap for the first impression. I’m very unsure on how these would perform on court, just from that one look. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Praying that this is just a sample and won’t be the final product.

  6. Looks a bit better than the Curry 3, but it would be good if the ankle collar dipped down in the back like the 2. I think it would look better and be more comfortable.

    1. To me it’s much like the Rose 6’s setup. Tighten the laces, and the TPU(?) heel/strap will draw forward (or pull the ankle back). Only problem with the the Rose 6 is that the thing was prone to cutting ankles, and the way it was designed was a bit misleading to me. I thought the two threaded belts would actually pull independently (vs be stitched at the ends) and therefore tighten the heel laterally.

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