Terms & Conditions of Booking

Requirement to produce adequate identification for online exam

It is a strict requirement of our awarding bodies that all candidates must provide adequate proof of identity before being allowed to sit their examination. This must be in the possession of the candidate at the time of the exam and produced to the exam invigilator/online system. A candidate that is unable to produce adequate means of identification in accordance with exam regulations will be excluded from the examination, will be regarded as having failed to attend at their exam and, consequently, will incur a £25+vat re-booking fee.

Online Invigilation

Our online examinations are conducted in accordance with authorised and independent online invigilation companies. All exams are monitored and reviewed. Should any issues be raised by the online invigilation company, Inn Confidence or the awarding body, the examination, if completed, will be null and void. There will be no refund of fees should your examination be cancelled due to breach of the exam rules.

You must be able to satisfy the following exam regulations:

Please be aware of the following:

  • NO reading material or notes
  • NO search engines
  • NO other person in the exam room
  • NO telephone calls
  • NO headphones
  • NO translation software – the exam must be taken in English.
  • You MUST have a laptop or desktop that has a webcam and screen share capabilities
    – This exam will not work on a tablet or mobile phone

Cancellation of the order by the candidate

Candidates who wish to cancel their order will incur the following penalties: £25+vat admin charge.
Cancellation will only be accepted if an exam has NOT been scheduled.

Reschedule of an exam by the candidate

Candidates may reschedule their exam free of charge x3 times.
Any subsequent changes will incur the following change fee: £15+vat per reschedule.

Candidates who fail to attend a pre-booked exam


Candidates who FTA a scheduled examination will incur the following penalties: £25+vat re-booking charge.
Candidates who have scheduled an examination are not permitted to cancel their order under the terms above.

Health & Safety & Equal Opportunities Policy

Each exam is operated in accordance with the Health & Safety and Equal Opportunities Policies of the Training Provider that is operating the exam (details are available upon request).

Complaints & Grievance Procedure

Inn Confidence has a Complaints and Grievance procedure, details of which are available upon request. Any person who feels aggrieved by any aspect of the exam at which he/she has attended is expected to raise their concerns to the exam tutor and/or examination invigilator at the time of the exam. Complaints or concerns may otherwise be raised in writing to Inn Confidence by way of email, letter or fax. Such complaints should be submitted within 48 hours of an exam.


Inn Confidence is committed to protecting your privacy however we may wish to send you information relating to our business and the services we offer. Your contact details will never be passed on to other organisations. Should you wish not to receive such marketing communication then you will have the opportunity to unsubscribe with immediate effect.