Looking To Run Your Own Pub? Here’s How To Gain Your BIIAB Personal Licence

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what do you need to run a pub

What do you need to run a pub? Running a public house is potentially very rewarding and can be a dream for many people, but as there are lots of strict regulations when it comes to supplying alcohol, it’s difficult to know where to start. If running your own pub is a new business venture then you will need the correct licensing before you begin. For your business to permanently sell or supply alcohol you will need a premises licence and any individual who supplies or sells alcohol will need a personal licence. Read on to find out how you can begin your new business venture by gaining the relevant licensing.

BIIAB Personal Licence

As an individual who is planning to sell and supply alcohol or authorise others (such as bar staff) to sell and supply alcohol, you need to have a personal licence. Application for a personal licence comes first in the procedure, before applying for a premises licence.

One of the requirements for your personal licence application is a certificate of your relevant licensing qualification. Our main provider of this qualification is BIIAB. The BIIAB qualification takes you through the responsibilities of the personal licence holder, prohibitions, police powers, strengths of alcohol, plus much more.

Inn Confidence can provide BIIAB qualifications through our award winning training centre.

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Inn Confidence’s Role In Your Personal Licence Application

Inn Confidence can liaise between you and your application for a personal licence by providing the relevant qualification and training. We are a recognised BIIAB centre and provide high quality training and certification in the public licensing industry. You can train and sit your exams in our Grade ONE centre where we have a track record of excellent pass rates, significantly higher than the national average.

We aim to propel your new venture into the public housing industry efficiently, simply, and successfully. Now you know the answer to the question ‘what do you need to run a pub’! If you would like to apply for a personal licence then simply book online today!

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