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Personal & Premises Licences Explained

Confused about which licenses you need to sell alcohol in England & Wales? Unsure of how you get your alcohol licenses? See our guide personal & premises licences explained in plain English.

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See our all-inclusive personal licence course options. We have UK wide course locations. Get APLH certified on the same day. Find personal licence training near you and book online today.

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Personal Licence

Once you have your APLH/SCPLH qualification you may then apply for your PERSONAL LICENCE.
Inn Confidence can handle this process for you!

Premises Licence

Inn Confidence will manage your application for a new Premises
Licence for just £650 ex vat

Transfer of
Premises Licence

If a person wishes to take over an existing premises licence they can apply for a premises licence to be transferred to them.


of the top national licensing
training award, the


As well as delivering training for licensed retailers, Inn Confidence offers a comprehensive licensing application service for both personal licence applications and premises licence applications. Inn Confidence also offer expert licensing consultancy and provide in-house Legal and Business health checks to help maintain legal compliance and business sustainability.

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