Designated Premises Supervisor

The DPS (Designated Premises Supervisor) is the personal licence holder who has been appointed by the premises licence holder and named on the premises licence.

Every premises licence that authorises the sale of alcohol must specify a DPS. The main purpose of the ‘DPS’ as defined in the 2003 Act is to ensure that there is always one specified individual among these personal licence holders who can be readily identified for the premises where a premises licence is in force. That person will normally have been given day to day responsibility for running the premises by the premises licence holder

Where a premises licence authorises the supply of alcohol, it must include a condition that no supply of alcohol may be made at a time when no DPS has been specified in the licence or at a time when the designated premises supervisor does not hold a personal licence or the personal licence has been suspended.

The 2003 Act does not require a designated premises supervisor or any other personal licence holder to be present on the premises at all times when alcohol is sold. However, the designated premises supervisor and the premises licence holder remain responsible for the premises at all times including compliance with the terms of the 2003 Act and conditions attached to the premises licence to promote the licensing objectives.

Only one DPS may be appointed per premises at any one time. They may be the DPS for more than one premises but must ensure each premises complies with the law and promotes the licensing objectives.

NO DPS APPOINTED?  – Selling alcohol without a DPS ( Designated Premises Supervisor ) appointed is an unauthorised sale of alcohol subject to an unlimited fine and/or 6 months in prison

Changing the DPS

When changing the DPS at the premises it is a requirement for any nominated individual to sign a consent form because of the responsibility involved. An Application is then required to the appropriate Licensing Authority and the Police. Only the Police can object to the appointment of a DPS (in exceptional circumstances) and this must only be if it is believed that the appointment would undermine the crime prevention objective

We are able to complete the application to change your designated premises supervisor.

We will need:

  • Premises licence (original must be returned)
  • DPS consent form (to be completed by the prospective designated supervisor):
  • INN Confidence will provide and complete all paperwork and submit the application on your behalf

We charge £125+vat for this service (this includes all fees to the licensing authority)