Inn Confidence Company Profile

Award-winning APLH training company and 

personal licensing consultancy

Inn Confidence is an award-winning APLH training company and licensing consultancy with a huge reputation. As a specialist personal licence training company we are dedicated to providing the prestigious and market-leading BIIAB qualifications for licensed retail, for public candidates and corporate clients alike, throughout the length and breadth of England & Wales for the APLH and in Scotland for the SCPLH.

BIIAB Approved Centre & AQLT founder members

We are also proud to be founder members of the AQLT (Alliance of Quality Licensing Trainers), the elite group of BIIAB approved centres, all committed to setting the highest possible standards in the delivery of public licensing training.

Inn Confidence was first approved to administer BIIAB qualifications in 1996 and has become a major player in this market, boasting many thousands of successful candidates and providing a range of services to a host of major clients.

Inn Confidence is principally involved in delivering personal licence training and exams for the Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH) which is the ‘accredited’ qualification required of all new applicants for a personal licence, under the Licensing Act 2003.
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APLH classes across England & Wales 

Classes for the APLH are held at many locations each month across England and Wales through a comprehensive network of experienced BIIAB approved trainers and associates.
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SCPLH classes across Scotland

In Scotland we cater for applicants for a personal licence under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 who must first obtain the Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (SCPLH).
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Delivering excellence 

We at Inn Confidence take great pride in the high level of service provided for our customers. We deliver only the respected BIIAB qualifications for licensed retail and at a price that represents true value for money.

We have an exceptional pass rate for BIIAB exams which remains consistently and significantly higher than the national average. Inn Confidence is classified as a Grade ONE centre with the BIIAB, in recognition of our ‘outstanding quality procedures, communication and administrative systems’.

The Licensing Experts

  • BIIAB Grade ONE Centre
  • Established in 1996
  • Founder Members of the AQLT
  • Outstanding choice of course locations
  • Exceptional APLH PASS rates
  • Full range of licensing services
  • Highly regarded within the Industry
  • Consultants to local authorities




As well as delivering training for licensed retailers, Inn Confidence offers a comprehensive licensing application service for both personal licence applications and premises licence applications. Inn Confidence also offer expert licensing consultancy and provide in-house Legal and Business health checks to help maintain legal compliance and business sustainability.